As of 2015, there are some changes occurring.

BRAINS and BRAINS Foundation History: The Initial Needs

BRAINS opened in 2007 as a for-profit company with specialization in understanding brain-basis for behavior and learning challenges. However, it was during this timeframe that the economy was slipping into recession. Numerous families were losing health insurance coverage, and many children were uninsured or underinsured.

Therefore, in 2008, the BRAINS Foundation submitted 501 (3) C paperwork to found a nonprofit component which would allow for extension of neuropsychological testing services to individuals who did not have means to pay or insurance coverage. Furthermore, this unique model simultaneously provided training for pre-doctoral level psychologists through a year-long internship, coordinated through APPIC (Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers). We are grateful for the collaboration with Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital and Ottawa County Community Mental Health for partnering with us to offer a consortium training model.

BRAINS Foundation Successes:

It was through the unique combination of generosity from the community into the nonprofit status, as well as utilizing pre-doctoral level neuropsychology interns to provide services as a part of their training requirements, that allowed The BRAINS Foundation to serve so many individuals at a reasonable cost.

Numerous successes have occurred for the BRAINS Foundation Internship from 2009 to 2015.

  • 14 doctors completed year-long internships
  • 3 interns will be finishing in May 2015
  • Over 750 clients have received neuropsychological evaluation and consultation services
  • Over 15 presentations offered to community and parent organizations
  • Over $1 million worth of care has been provided (at little to no cost to the families)

Changing Landscape:

Fortunately, the advent of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has allowed numerous families the opportunity to gain health insurance that previously had not been accessible. As such, many of these individuals are now able to access services through more traditional insurance coverage. Meanwhile, BRAINS (for-profit) has been able to expand insurance participation, extending to most major insurance companies and additional Medicaid plans.

As such, the model that had been previously very successful, has now shifted. Fewer families are uninsured and more are able to access services through insurance coverage. While BRAINS continues to offer training opportunities, the neuropsychological perspective is highly specialized and additional avenues for post-doctoral training may become more viable.

Current Realities:

The BRAINS Foundation Board realizes that the original community need and mechanism under which the BRAINS Foundation began, and was so successful, has been facing some external changes that require attention. Therefore, the board decided to take a hiatus for the internship year 2015 to 2016.

At this time, the BRAINS Foundation is no longer accepting applications for services, but clients are encouraged to contact BRAINS LPC to determine what options may be available through their existing health insurance or other community resources.

Please stay posted as we analyze additional community needs, training opportunities, and other avenues for service. If you would like to contribute ideas, time, or resources for the future of the BRAINS Foundation, please contact us using the form on the left sidebar.