BRAINS in Bloom Event Registration.

The BRAINS Foundation is an innovative foundation that has come to fruition after intensive work with community, BRAINS PLC, and the founding Board Members.  Our passion is to impact lives in our children and to do this we count on the generosity and donations of the communities we serve.  Take a look around and learn more about what you can do to help the families right here in our own backyard.

Many children and teens suffer from difficulty with learning, with behavior, and emotional challenges. But without an understanding of how their brain is processing, we may be misunderstanding them and not providing the right treatment for their needs. Psychological and Neuropsychological testing helps understand the individual’s brain functioning and helps us provide an appropriate “roadmap” for treatment that can really be helpful. Therefore, the BRAINS Foundation has selected this type of formal assessment as our “starting place.” By providing accurate diagnosis and relevant recommendations, families can be assured they are focusing their efforts to make the biggest impact for their child.